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Anderson Hardwood Coastal Art Oak 2

Pickle Barrel

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Anderson Tuftex Anderson Hardwood Coastal Art Oak 2 Pickle Barrel 1P882_AE047
Pickle Barrel

Product Attributes

CollectionAnderson Hardwood Coastal Art Oak 2
ColorPickle Barrel
Color VariationHigh
SpeciesRed Oak
Surface TypePainted/Distressed
EdgePerformance Edge Eased
SizeRandom lengths up to 58.25"
LengthRandom Lengths Up To 58.25"
Finish CoatingLuster-Lock Ultra
LocationAbove, On, Below
Installation MethodNail, Staple, Glue, Floating
Warranty50 Years
DescriptionWide planks reminiscent of the boardwalk, the soothing effects of salt air, the play of light on the waves. Inspired by the coastal lifestyle, distinctive coloring and texture is used with these engineered options to evoke memories of time spent by the sea.