Elegant Hardwood

Winton Design Center can walk you through the many options that are available with Shaw Wood Flooring. Contact Winton Design Center to discuss the hardwood in our hardwood Gallery from Epic+, The royal Collection, Smokey Mountain and Anderson.  Shaw has a wide range of products to meet the needs of any customer.

Excellent Service & Exceptional Value

Let Winton Design Center show you the difference between ordinary and extraordinary flooring: our focus is helping you, not selling Hardwood. We earn our reputation from well-informed, satisfied customers with the flooring products and Hardwooding installation you deserve. Visit our Livonia Flooring Showrooms to meet with an Winton Design Center Consulant to start the process.

Elegant Hardwood



Our design and production departments strive to be the most innovative and product-focused in the industry. Our experts are always working on new product development, creative solutions and designs.
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